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Music Theory Lessons with Tom

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I am an Amsterdam based musician offering tutorials in piano, trumpet, cornet, harmony, counterpoint, theory, and other general music-y things in English! I’m also available to direct rehearsals and concerts.

Music Theory is important to all classical musicians. It not only compliments their practical activities, it is essential in being able to read and understand the music they play. Topics covered will include clefs, time signatures (simple, compound, irregular, and irrational - e.g. 7/6 - for students who want a challenge), chords, keys, rhythms, and harmony. Once the basics are mastered, students begin to focus more on harmony and counterpoint, examining and learning to write chorales in the style of J.S. Bach, before moving on to fugues and looking at the ways in which other composers have used harmony. I also have knowledge of jazz harmony and am able to discuss this with students if they wish. Contrary to popular belief, music theory isn't boring!

Please contact me to chat about your/ your child’s musical goals and ambitions and to arrange a lesson. I am able to travel to homes and offices and have a flexible schedule to meet your needs! I have also taught over Skype in the past, where there’s the option of screen sharing, making it possible to demonstrate things on screen.

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!

Thomas Brown

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Please contact me for an exact quote, as my prices can vary dependent upon lesson length and travel time.

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