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Chassé Dance Studios
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African Contemporary Beg/Int

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The African - Contemporary dance class is a combination of traditional African dance and contemporary dance. The dance course was created after my professional dance educations in Burkina Faso (L’Ecole de Danse Irène Tassembédo, EDIT) and Senegal (l’Ecole des Sables, Germaine Acogny) and stages in Ivory Coast and Ghana. Besides that I did a lot of different stages in dance and got experiences in the Netherlands and abroad that I like to share with you.

In my dance class fun always comes first. A relaxed atmosphere, working together, making contact and get the best out of my students are important.

The African - Contemporary dance class is:

A powerfull and energetic training for the body

Working on the basic attitude of the body

Working on coordination, strenghth, grounding and flexibility


Building a strong center

Moving on different music

And having fun in dancing!

In each lesson we work step by step on choreography by a warming-up, different exercises in tension and relaxation, the elements of dance, improvisation and movement combinations. With a special attention to the undulating movement of the back, that’s a typically technique in African -Contemporary dance.

For who?

The African-Contemporary Intermediate/Advanced dance class is open for dancers with experience in several modern dance techniques and dance styles.

Much fun in dancing and looking forward to dance with you!

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Simone Heijloo is a dancer, teacher and movement-coach. Simone teach African - Contemporary dance and is the only professional Dutch dance teacher in this technique in the Netherlands.

After her study Dance- and Movement Therapy at the Hogeschool Zuyd, Simone follows the teachers department at Codarts, Rotterdam to expand her passion for dance. Then Simone discovered African - Contemporary and Traditional dance and leaves to Senegal.

Simone teach African - Contemporary dance, Toddler dance and Dance improvisation. Simone works with different ages: from toddlers to kids from adults to older people, so everybody can start moving together and can experience the pleasure in dance and movement.

Dance Condition Class: bootcamp combined with dance 1
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Chassé Dance Studios
lid sinds: 11-2018
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